Luxurious Canadian Boutique Uses Tech to Connect

Luxurious Canadian Boutique Uses Tech to Connect

When Denise Moison launched her online boutique she had a vision to offer luxury handmade textile items that are inspired by the nature and culture of Canada to everyone from coast-to-coast-to-coast; and now folks are swooning for what Pâmoison has to offer.

“Our mission is to promote the skills of Canadian artisans, and to improve awareness of our traditions and heritage,” said the entrepreneur. “We launched in July 2020; Yes, during the COVID pandemic… Our name Pâmoison means to swoon; usually over something beautiful.

“It is the exact reaction to the gorgeous pieces made by our artists and artisans (and it was a bit of a nod to my last name as well)!”

All the items in her collections are originals and the patterns are created and designed by Moison herself.

“I provide the materials and supply the artisans, who then let their amazing talent shine!”

Her four initial collections include: Linen Reversible Cross-Back Aprons; Handwoven Linen Kitchen Towels; Handwoven Alpaca Throws; and, Hand Knit Alpaca Circular Scarves.

“The aprons are made of 100% French linen in complementary colour combinations with Canadian-inspired names such as Poutine, Oatmeal and Blueberry Pie,” she explained. “The kitchen towels are handwoven by artisans on a traditional loom using 100% linen fibre from France. These are truly unique, and come in several patterns such as Autumn, Canadian Tuxedo and Sport.” 

Her throws are also handwoven on traditional looms, but these use 100% Canadian Alpaca wool from Alberta. The fibres are natural colours; soft, warm and hypoallergenic. “Each throw requires many hours of passionate work, and the results are beautiful!” she exclaimed. “The circular scarves are also made of 100% Western Canadian Alpaca, hand knit in a classic pattern that showcases the alpaca yarn’s soft sheen.”

Pâmoison is based in Eastern Ontario – the tiny community of Clarence Creek to be specific, however, technology allows Moison to work with the premier artisans in their fields from around Canada and then sell across the same vast market as if she was local to every Main Street in the country.

“The materials we use are Canadian, except for the linen which we get from France as Canada does not make linen fabric and French linen is among the finest in the world,” she said. “Our goal was to offer items made here in Canada, as an alternative to items ‘Made in Elsewhere.’ Then the pandemic happened, and this issue became very timely. People are now questioning the provenance of items before purchasing, which is a good thing to do. Canadians have a wealth of talent and traditional skills, often passed down through the generations. We must celebrate these traditions in order to keep them alive!”

Moison is very aware of the challenges facing humanity and as such places a high value on employing eco-conscious, sustainable materials. “We use natural fibres and commit to minimizing waste by using fabric remnants in creative new ways. Our packaging and shipping materials are among the top sustainable choices available today. Our clients understand that because we use high-quality local materials and have Canadian artisans create the pieces, all while staying sustainable and ecological, we face a higher production cost.”

But that’s not deterring shoppers from flocking to her site, especially with the holidays just around the corner, her lines are all extremely popular among cottage owners and year-round lakefront residents alike.

“Our top sellers are the Reversible Cross-Back Aprons,” she said. “People love the colour combinations, the flattering fit of the cross-back style and the softness of the linen. And with names like Grilled Cheese and Rosé, it’s hard for them to choose just one!”

One of the new things she’s added in recent months is a separate line called Our Collaborations and Friends, a curated collection of artisan-made items that will complement her existing textile products. “These Canadian-made pieces are all for you or for your home, and reflect our aesthetic and eco-conscious values,” she concluded. 

You can find her venture online at and see her products in action on Instagram at @pamoisonboutique. “We have items on display in some shops, but plan to have more as COVID restrictions ease more over time. We are very approachable and are ready to work with our clients to find the perfect items for their needs.” 

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